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The Vertical Search System

The RTA Vertical Search System– Allows you to refine your searches to limit the results displayed to those that match the criteria you have entered.   As you do so, the number of ‘matches’ shown on the search counter at the bottom of the panel reduces creating a manageable ‘search results list’

Search Options

Select from:

  • The products and services provided by the RTA Business Partners (tourism SMMEs – small, medium, and micro enterprises) that support responsible tourism.
  • The online presentations for those in each category of RTA Membership.
  • Supporting information available in a searchable database format.


  • Select ALL or 1 of the 9 major geographic regions of the world. (Currently limited to Asia.)


  • Select ALL or 1 of the countries listed in that region. (Currently limited to Thailand.)

Province or City

  • Select ALL or 1 of the provinces or cities listed in that province or city. (Currently limited to Chiang Mai.)


  • Select from: Accommodation, Activities, Attractions, Courses & Workshops, Dining, Entertainment.


  • Select from a range of sub-categories for any of the above categories.


  • Select from sub-categories of the above (where they exist.)

Price Range

  • As pricing varies between regions, destinations, we ask RTA business partners to categorise their products and service as being suited to one or all of the following markets: (a) budget. (b) tourist. (c) first-class.

Physical Access

  • You may limit your choice of products or services based on whether they are suitable for visitors with (a) a minimum level of fitness (b) a specific disability.


  • Using the Keyword search feature will provide ‘word’ matches in ANY or ALL search categories selected.


  • The search button takes you to the search results pages. The number of matching results is indicated just above the button.

The Search Results Display

The Search Results Display - Provides a shortlist of the results your research criteria have produced, presented a a panel format. The information allows displayed iallows you to further refine your search. Navigation - Click anywhere on the panel to access the online presentation for this business.
1. ID No.
  • Each RTA Community Member has a unique ID No# used to identify them across the RTA platform.
2. Business Name 
  • Your business as registered with the RTA. (RTA Ambassadors would use their own name.)
3. Membership Category & Sub-Category
  • The Category and sub-category the business is registered as (i.e. Accommmodation/Resort) in the search system.
4. Photo-image or Logo
  • Used to help recognise your business/brand more easily. RTA Ambassadors would ideally use a full face image to help with indentification. 
5. Business Biography
  • The first 50 words of the more detailed business description on the home page of the full online presentation - are shown here.
6. Membership Level
  • There are various levels of membership - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. Each has a different cost (monthly fee and donation to VWB), and a range of benefits to justify them.
7. Tourist Route
  • Indicates the tourist route or routes the business or activity is located along. For the more remote or isolated businesses, being located along a tourist route increases their chances of being included in a customised itinerary.
8. Market Suitability Display
  • An icon based display indicating the market demographic that the product is suited to. 
9. Operational Calendar
  • A linear display of the 12 months of the year, each of which  be muted to identify periods of the year that the business is not operational. 
10. Fitness/Disability Display
  • An icon based display depicting (a) the minimum fitness level required to undertake it, ot (b) the type of disability that the provider can accommodate on this activity.
11. Visitor View Counter
  • A counter displaying the number of visitors to this search results page to date.
12. Responsible Tourism Compliance Score
  • The cumulative score (1-5) awarded to this business for their compliance with their stated responsible tourism best practices. These scores can only be awarded via the businesses comments section by visitors who provide a verified booking number.
13. Service Standard Score
  • The cumulative score (1-5) awarded to this business for their service standard. These scores can only be awarded via the businesses comments section by visitors who provide a verified booking number.

Business Partner Presentation

Business Partner Presentation - The multi-page, owner managed online presentation of the business owner's product or service. It includes numerous promotional tools designed to attract visitors to the business.
1. Home
  • Header image, Logo and key detail including a full biography and business highlights. 
2. Our Story
  • Some background on the history and background of the business and its owners.
3. Product & Pricing
  • The business products and services presented in a format (with description, pricing, duration etc.) that allows them to be added to itinerary as an activity, attraction, course or workshop. 
4. Gallery
  • A folder based gallery of photoimages covering the products or services the business provides.
5. Enquiries & Bookings
  • A CGI form based feature that allows RTA Ambassadors to select products or services available and insert them into a morning, afternoon or evening slot on an itinerary for a given day. The itinerary is submitted as an enquiry, quoted for, adjusted then finally confirmed in a series of exchanges between the RTA Ambassador & RTA Local Agent (and RTA Business Partners) before being booked.
6. Best Practices
  • A YES/NO database of responsible tourism best practices that the business partner is implementing. THE RTA Ambasador verifies and scores both compliance iand service standard when using the service. Both compliance & service standard levels can be used to increase trade.
7. Barter Trade
  • An optional system under which RTA Business Partners may package their products and services as 'barter trade', to be exchanged for RTA Barter Dollars won in RTA Competitions (photography, video, articles blog entries etc.) by RTA Amabassadors. 
  • RTA Ambassadors are tasked to submit their comments on the RTA Business Partnrers compliance & best pracices through a verified booking comment system. Positive comments are valuable in terms of promotion.
9.News & Events
  • The RTA Business Partner may submit his her business related news and events for inclusion in a calendar for a given destination/time frame that is available through 'search' by RTA Abasadors.
10. Personalised Service Database
  • A database of the personalised service the business can provide its guests (service preferences, diet, medical, assisted access etc.) The RTA content of the RTA Amassador's own personalised database is reviewed by the RTA Local Agent/RTA Business Partner to determine if and how stated preferences etc., can be accommodated.
11. Blog
  • A standard blog tool that RTA Business Partners may use to promote their own products and services, perhaps using positive guest feedback/stories to do so. Information published can be found through keyword search. Blogs can be ebntered in RTA competitions.

Enquiries & Bookings

Enquiries & Bookings - A CGI (Customer Generated Information) based system that allows a permission based exchange (enquiries and bookings) between RTA Ambassadors, RTA Local Agents and RTA Business Partners (including RTA Local Experts.) RTA Ambassadors select items from the RTA Business Partners 'Products & Services' page, and add them 'shopping cart like' to the field provided (date/morning/afternoon/evening) before submitting them for a quotation. Responses are provided through the same system.
Each party is advised of incoming exchanges by an email notification. 
On submission of an enquiry, the RTA Local Agent has access to the senders's ID, and online presentation. This allows him or here to review the senders detail, including their 'Personalised Service & Hobbies & Interest Databases' using that information to provide a highly customised respons.
1. Tourist Route
  • This indicates if and where the product or service is located. It is important in allowing the RTA Local Agent to check travel times to and between activities to minimise both.
2. RTA Local Agent
  • The RTA Local Agent/VWB Representative designated to support this particular business partner in terms of marketing, promotion, bookings and training.
3. Group Size
  • The number of people in the group being booked. Additional detail (age, gender, mobility, room allocation etc.) would be added in the message field. (See item 15.)
4. Barter Dollar Trade
  • The RTA Barter Trade System (See User's Guide for RTA Ambassadors) allows those who have won RTA Barter Dollars in RTA Competitions to spend them buying products or services from RTA Business Partners who advertise them in 'Barter Trade'. As explained in the guide it is a WIN-WIN for both parties.
5. Member ID#
  • Each RTA Community Member has a unique ID No# used to identify them across the RTA platform.
6. Membership Level 
  • There are various levels of membership - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. Each has a different cost (monthly fee and donation to VWB), and a range of benefits to justify them.
7. Draft Travel Itinerary
  • Covers the various information fields, interactions, selection options and tick boxes involved in putting together an enquiry for one day of your planned itinerary.
8. Calendar
  • A standard 'select month/date' calendar allowing selection of a specific day.